Would your business benefit from an effective approach to corporate social responsibility?

'CSR is the acknowledgement by companies that they should be accountable not only for their financial performance, but for the impact of their activities on society and/or the environment' CBI 2011

CSRThe benefits you will gain from an effective approach to CSR are:

  • enhancing your corporate image
  • strengthening your brand
  • increasing staff retention and motivation
  • opportunities for professional development
  • a more impressive annual report!

In particular, experience in the community can be an opportunity for emerging leaders to develop their skills and capabilities; through mentoring and structured support, we can ensure your rising stars get the professional support they need.

Our services

We can offer your business a combination of support called CEASR - Corporate Community Engagement And Social Responsibility.
CEASR services include:

  • Acting as a bridge between your company and communities - we can arrange introductions to potential community partners for volunteering and joint projects.
  • Delivering in-house training for key staff and managers in CSR and effective community engagement.
  • Placing your key staff and managers on management bodies of charities and voluntary organisations where their skills and experience can have real impact.
  • Providing mentoring and action learning for emerging leaders and key staff involved directly in CSR initiatives.
  • Providing project management of your CSR activities.

It is not just about painting walls in a community centre but building a longer term and mutually beneficial relationship.

Whatever combination you choose, it needs a CSR strategy that dovetails into your business goals and contributes to your long term growth.  It does not require a major input of time or finance, but will bring you tangible benefits.

Our approach

Our emphasis is on professional development through community experience - that's our particular strength.
CEASR is available any where in the UK - we work on location in your premises and carry out preparation work at our office bases in Yorkshire.

Steve Skinner MA, BA, CQSW, CIPD has broad experience of working in business, the arts, the voluntary sector and local government.  He was Director of Community Engagement at the University of Bradford and Regional Manager in the former governmental agency on community development. As well as being the Policy Manager in community development in Bradford Council for eight years, he is author of twelve ISBN publications on community engagement.

Our track record includes:

  • HandsDesign and delivery of the Barclays Bank funded leadership programme for the voluntary sector, based in Leeds, London and Bristol.
  • Liaison work through Business in the Community.
  • Partnership development with businesses in regeneration areas.

'Your community engagement project in Bradford is absolutely fantastic'
Chair of Yorkshire Forward 2005

We can help you and your organisation in a variety of ways.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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