We can help your organisation or team to strengthen its leadership so that you are more effective in achieving your objectives.

What kind of leader are you?  What type of leadership does your organisation have?  Does it do the job that's needed?  Are you aware of the impact of your leadership style?  Do you inspire people or alienate them?

LeadershipWe provide tailor-made training, mentoring, facilitation and organisational support that can look at:

  • Leadership styles and how to involve people in decisions
  • Qualities and skills for successful leadership
  • Leadership roles in your team or organisation
  • Leadership in the external environment
  • Leadership development as part of corporate social responsibility

Our track record

Steve Skinner has:

  • Co-designed a new leadership model called Liberating Leadership used as the basis of a national training programme
  • Designed and facilitated a Barclays Bank funded leadership programme for over 90 charity leaders in Leeds, London and Bristol
  • Helped to design Leaders of Tomorrow course and trained community leaders in Halifax, Birmingham and London
  • Trained elected Members in leadership skills in local authorities across England
  • Helped to design and run a leadership training programme in north west Birmingham
  • Carried out research on leadership skills, published as Skilling up for Stronger Voices.

Our associates also have expertise in leadership, focusing on areas such as business development, strategic planning, partnership working and faith.

We can help you and your organisation in a variety of ways.

Contact us to discuss what you need on 0113 225 4671 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Call for a chat or for further information on 0113 225 4671, email steve@steveskinnerassociates.org.uk or contact us here.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are now providing new services to help companies work with communities. Find out more about our CSR support.


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